We Provide Accounting, Tax & Payroll Services in Prague

Leave the paperwork to us. We are a Prague-based, family-owned company providing comprehensive services in the fields of accounting, taxation, payroll and personnel. We speak English, Czech and Polish.

We are certified accountants with degrees in the field, years of professional business/consulting experience, and IFRS Specialist and Balance Accountant certification — a testament to our longtime dedication to first-class service.

We have experience with companies, non-profit organizations, individuals and taxable non-residents. We also assist foreign companies with the adaptation to Czech tax and accounting laws and standards. We are insured against risks and errors.

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Our Services

· Continuous double-entry bookkeeping

· Accounting check-up, online consulting

· Accounting review for past taxation periods

· Administration of wages

· Human resources consulting

· Reports to management

· Tax advisory service

· Assistance with fleet agenda and other employer duties (such as safety and health protection at work, fire control, etc.)


K Berance 2808/6
CZ 19300 Prague
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 608 309 600

Member of the Chamber of Certified Accountants

Ing. Sarka Trejbalova
Podvinny mlyn 2356/36
CZ 19000 Prague
ID: 72924667
We are registered VAT payers.